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3DEXCITE XPLORE lets users efficiently collaborate with 3D and 2D files on tablet devices. The challenge of the project was to bring the most-used functionality of the previous established PICTUREBOOK to the new portable devices. 

XPLORE enables to a new broader user base to review, comment and present 2D and 3D images using the power of PICTUREBOOK.  


● Senior UX Designer, Project Design Lead @Dassault Systèmes, Munich

● Methodology: Product Thinking, Information Architecture, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping & testing

● Tools: Balsamiq, Illustrator, Photoshop,Visio, JIRA

● Team: 1 lead designer

● Time: 2014-16


The Problem

Increasing complexity in last-mile logistics demands professional tools to help delivery companies. With route planning software companies increase their service quality, scale their resources and reduce costs. 

The difficulty is to manage the complexity and focus on the needs of the users to deliver a delightful experience.

Definition phase

After a workshop with the stakeholder identifying the main scope of the application, we worked on the definition of Requirements. 

Clustering and prioritizing the Requirements was a good way to start diving into the conceptualization. 

User definition

From the customer information we got an overview of Roles involved in the process. From them we could abstract 3 main Personas which are the heavy users of the targeted application. 

Top Manager

He‘s a top executive in the automotive business. No background in Computer Generated artwork.

Tasks performed: Visualize / open  / review assets, Approve assets, Join presentations, Download and share

Devices: High end tablet, Laptop on the go/desktop, Smartphone

Expectations: Efficient & easy to use

Management Assistant

Assistant of executives. No background in Computer Generated artwork.

Tasks performed: Browse / Search / Manage content, Prepare and hold presentations locally/remotely, Invite, share, Take meeting notes

Devices: Laptop in the office, Tablet


Expectations: Easy and fast content management tool 

Chief Designer

3D design, graphic design.

Tasks performed: review hi-end content

Devices: Laptop in the office 


Expectations: Easy to review. Focus on visual information, High quality content (4K) 



Together with the Development we iterated the wireframes done in Balasmiq and refined with Photoshop and Illustrator. 


During the concept Phase we considered Android and Apple Guidelines and we had tablets from all OS to test the first prototypes on the hardware. 


Xplore is the communication platform between hi-end 3D artists and agencieswhich engage the audience with awesome content in marketing campaigns

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